Every Story Matters

Here’s a story of a girl from my “one-flashing-light” hometown. She was two grades ahead of me in school. We didn’t attend the same church, so regrettably, I didn’t get to personally know her well, but everyone referred to her affectionately as “Little Lynn.”

Jacquetta “Lynn” Miller was born in 1960 on March 24. She was a healthy 19-inch-long, 6 pound 15 “ouncer.” I can imagine she was a sweet addition to a family with two boys already in the home. But at the age of 4, “Little Lynn” was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA). Spending most of her early years in a doctor’s office or the hospital, Lynn didn’t have many close friends. She shared, “I spent a lot of my time in my younger days in the doctor’s office or hospital so not much time to spend with friends.” With JRA affecting her joints, she started walking with crutches in 6th grade, mostly for fear of falling in crowds. She managed with crutches all through high school. Then in July of 1978, after her high school graduation, she underwent double hip replacement. Two years later in 1980 on her birthday, Lynn had double knee replacements. After several weeks of physical therapy, the knee replacements enabled her to walk on her own without the aid of crutches.

In 1971, at 35 years old, her mom found out she was pregnant. Lynn says she had three brothers at the time and really wanted a sister. So, she prayed and asked God for a little sister. He answered that prayer in February 1972 when Monique was born. Lynn says sibling fights were common, but they were always there for each other and she wouldn’t trade her sister or brothers for anything. Sadly, Lynn’s two older brothers have passed but she is certain she will see them again. Lynn calls her younger brother, her “big” little brother, Buddy is his name, and she calls her younger sister, her “big” little sister.

While Lynn attended youth group at Reeves Baptist Church, she saw two films: The Cross and The Switchblade and Left Behind. She says the films made a huge impact on her life, and at 12 years of age she accepted the Lord as her Savior.

However, Lynn felt a pull into the partying scene when she turned 21. She laments, drinking and foul language was the outcome from such a time and church was not so important.
In 1986, Lynn and her parents moved to Lake Charles for work. She also spent time in Houston, Texas helping with accounting in her aunt’s office. Then in 1993, she and her parents would once again return to our hometown of Reeves. It was at this time she started attending church with her brother and his family. She re-dedicated her life to the Lord and continues in serving Him through Vacation Bible School and ladies fellowships. She expressed her love and appreciation for the body of Christ at The Family Place.

Before the pandemic, she attended church weekly with her brother’s family. Her sister lives in Texas, but visits when she can. She also has an extended family of nieces, nephews, and great ones as well as in-laws who are normally around. Her parents are almost 84 years old now and will celebrate 61 years of marriage in August. Lynn says they each watch out for one another.

On March 24, 2020, Lynn celebrated her 60th birthday!
She said, “Today has been a milestone for me. My parents were told 50 years ago, most patients with my condition wouldn’t make it past 15 years old. Well, I turned 60 today in the middle of a “pandemic.” Apparently, Someone (God) had different plans for me. Thank you to everyone for all the birthday texts, calls, and Facebook posts. I love each one of you for thinking of me in the middle of all this chaos.”

Lynn and her “big” little sister, Monique

How is God using your story?

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  1. So very very sorry about losing Lynn. She was always one to not let her disability slow her down and packed a lotta punch for such a little person. R.I.P. … Aunt Mollie Kay

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