Chronicles of the Librarian, Episode 1

In 2014, I finally earned my associate degree in Bible after a 30-year absence from college life. During this auspicious interval of my life, I had the privilege of helping in the college library. And it was there, at Carolina College of Biblical Studies in Fayetteville, North Carolina, that I was motivated to write, and did in fact write my “Episodes in the Library!”

I loved helping in the library; thankful for each “Colorful Gem” that came to me!

Episode #1 

The female librarian, as well as, a male professor, are deep in thought as each have a book under their nose, when in walks a male student with a box of Krispy Kreme Donuts. The student whisks open the box offering the first serving to the professor and the librarian. With haste, the professor gleefully accepts the treat. But the female librarian politely refuses the offering explaining her weakness of making six hot Krispy Kreme Donuts disappear in a matter of seconds. To which the male student replies, “OH! That is too many!” Befuddled, the librarian delves back into the book she is reading. At break, in walks two female students who were savoring the tantalizing donuts. The librarian relays to the females the episode with the male student from earlier. When the librarian gets to the part that she can “wolf down” six of those hot decadent donuts without any problem, both ladies are totally in agreement shaking their heads in confirmation!

The moral of the story: It is so nice when someone walks into your life and understands! 

“A friend is always loyal” (Proverbs 17:17a).


2 thoughts on “Chronicles of the Librarian, Episode 1

  1. Three years ago I started a job not realizing how God had orchestrated this for a reason. I worked with a women/friend that would be such an encouragement to me, I still can’t believe how much she cared about what I was going through! I hated to see her go but hoped that I would encourage others as she had encouraged me!

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