Chronicles of the Librarian, Episode 4

Episode #4

They say curiosity killed the cat, what about the librarian?! Curiosity is hopefully not going to kill her, but it just might get her into trouble!  

As I sat at the librarian’s desk (in the library), trying to do the work of Ten librarians!!!, I could hear the professor from his class down the hall and it seemed as though his door must be ajar. As I listened more intently, I could hear the students laughing at his comments. What is so funny? I contemplated. I crept down the hall, trying to be as quiet as a mouse. But unavoidably, the floor cracked or creaked or squeaked . . . it made one of those sounds that make it clear you’ve been found out! Sure enough, I look up and the professor is glaring straight at me. What am I to do now? Pretend I was on my way to the restroom? Of course! But no matter how awkwardly it looked (smh), he calls me into the classroom for the whole class to gawk at me– “Class,” he says, “this is my wife!”

Moral of the story: He’s never been that funny anyway, stay in the library!

 So I said, “Laughter is silly. What good does it do to seek pleasure?” (Ecclesiastes 2:2)

In 2014, I finally earned my associate degree in Bible after a 30-year absence from college life. During this auspicious interval of my life, I had the privilege of helping in the college library. And it was there, at Carolina College of Biblical Studies in Fayetteville, North Carolina, that I was motivated to write, and did in fact write my “Episodes in the Library!”


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