Chronicles of the Librarian, Episode 9

Episode #9

It was a dark and stormy night. The wind was howling, and the rain was coming down in a ferocious sort of way (you know how that is)! It was my evening to work in the library. As I drove into the parking lot of the college, the building was completely dark and there was an eerie atmosphere (you know the kind)! I opened my car door and put up the umbrella, hoping to not get soaked. Still, I realized staying dry was not an option. So, I put the umbrella back down, and pulling my jacket hood over my head, I grabbed my bag and set of keys and ran for it. Now, there is certainly nothing that is going to stop me dead in my tracks when I’m about staying dry. Nevertheless, I was completely caught off-guard when right in front of the entrance lay a body covered in blood!!!!! Well, . . . not really. But there could have been! However, I did think I saw something move by the tree next to the building. I was so intent on making it inside QUICKLY (so not to see any more fictitious forms) that my feet got ahead of the rest of me and I nearly flew through the glass door. Thankfully it was dry inside, but as I reached my hand out to open the Library door, I noticed it was ajar! Who or what was waiting for me inside? Could it be an intruder? My hand immediately reached for my cell phone. Should I call 9-1-1 or my hubby? Neither one gave me much security at the moment! As I contemplated who to call, I peered through the small window on the door trying to get a glimpse of the invader. Whew! No worries . . . I recognized those blond curls and large glasses!

Moral of the story: It is always the right time to see a Friend! “. . . It is you, my familiar friend” (Psalm 55:13).

 In 2014, I finally earned my associate degree in Bible after a 30-year absence from college life. During this auspicious interval of my life, I had the privilege of helping in the college library. And it was there, at Carolina College of Biblical Studies in Fayetteville, North Carolina, that I was motivated to write, and did in fact write my “Episodes in the Library!”


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