Chronicles of the Librarian, Episode 10

Episode #10

I was talking with the Monday night Librarian (on Monday night) and it occurred to me how the Lord shapes us to do a job for Him no matter our age or status. Consider the three of us “Librarians.” You have the “Real” Librarian and then the Monday night Librarian and finally, me, the Tuesday and Thursday night Librarian. I know to look at us you would automatically think we were all born comparatively (according to estimate made by comparison; relatively; not positively or absolutely) recent! But the truth is the “real” librarian and I are older than the “younger” Monday night librarian. I decided to ask our Monday night librarian just how young she is and well, I guess the only thing to say is – she’s young! When your kids are older than people you work with or have drilling on your teeth, it certainly seems strange! Now it’s not that the “real” librarian and I are old. The fact is we are just “older.” The fact is, we are spring chickens when you consider some of the servants of the Lord. Remember Moses was used greatly by God in his 80’s and Sarah, well she had a baby at 90 years of age. Sarah had to wait to be a mother. Others of us must wait to be grandmothers but God’s timing is always best. But then again, I might not look so young at that juncture.

A Poignant Moral of the story: Students are getting younger!

“Let no one look down on your youthfulness . . .”(1 Timothy 4:12a).

In 2014, I finally earned my associate degree in Bible after a 30-year absence from college life. During this auspicious interval of my life, I had the privilege of helping in the college library. And it was there, at Carolina College of Biblical Studies in Fayetteville, North Carolina, that I was motivated to write, and did in fact write my “Episodes in the Library!”


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