C2C, Part 1 : The Beginning

Many have never read the Bible and believe it to be a list of “do’s and don’ts” all of which takes the fun out of life!

And, others have dived in only to get “bogged down.”

God is the central character of the Bible and He wants us to know Him. That’s exactly why He gave us the Bible.

Through the written Word of God – the Bible – God reveals Himself: Who He is, What He does, and what He is like – his character or personality.

I want to walk through the Bible with you, recounting history from its very beginning, as God reveals to us His character, His creation, and His crowning design.

I want to stretch out a Biblical timeline that looks much like a clothesline. As we place these events on our clothesline it will help us see how they specifically fit into the overall picture of God’s plan and design for His creation. You may already be familiar with much of what we “hang on our line” but I trust by placing key events chronologically, it will bring more understanding and make the message of the Bible relevant to us.

The first book of the Bible is called Genesis which means “beginnings.” God’s story of history begins in this foundational book. And just like a house being built, foundations are laid first before any structures can be put up. The foundation is key to a house properly built or established. If the foundation is not built properly the rest of the house is structurally weak. We want to lay a solid foundation upon which we can later build more understanding.

I may use many resources for this endeavor but for the most part besides the Bible, our resource will be Firm Foundations Creation to Christ by Trevor Mcllwain.

With this resource in hand, I hope to build a firm foundation, skimming the peaks of historical events for necessary details while stretching a clothesline out wherein we will place the events in time. I hope you will join me!

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