“Cry Out” Challenge, Day 5

A bouncing baby boy was born to a Levite family joining an older brother and sister. His parents could tell he was a special child and they hid him at risk of their own lives. When they couldn’t hide him any longer, the mother made a little basket and placed him afloat on the River Nile praying for God to rescue her son. That little boy grew up in Pharaoh’s courts having the advantage of a great education.

“Years passed, and the king of Egypt died. But the Israelites continued to groan under their burden of slavery. They cried out for help, and their cry rose up to God. God heard their groaning, and he remembered his covenant promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He looked down on the people of Israel and knew it was time to act.”

Exodus 2:23-25

After reaching adulthood, Moses gained experience and training for 40 years in the wilderness. God was now ready to introduce His deliverer for His people Israel. But there was a problem. Moses wasn’t sure he was the right man for the job!

I often wonder how many times we are asked to serve but instead of a “Yes, Lord! I’m ready!” the Lord hears groanings. Since it’s not glamorous, or it’s beneath us, we quickly decide there is not enough time to give to what He is asking us to do. 

When Moses was finally convinced, he served a great purpose in leading the Israelites out of bondage. I wonder how many went on to become judges or city leaders or even a leader in the synagogues. How many times have we told God “no” and missed out on witnessing to someone who could bring some great change to our neighborhood, our city, our state, or our world?

How we need our churches to sense the urgency of these times – we need to be showing grace and offering the gift of salvation as Jesus’ return draws closer and closer.

With a renewed urgency within your tired soul, “Cry Out” for the Lord to show you where He can best use YOU!

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