Cry Out Challenge, Day 8

We are in a battle! 2020 has shouted for Perseverance!!! Hurricanes on top of COVID, on top of leaky roofs, on top of cancer, on top of power outages, on top of building a home, on top of a broken rib and fractured L2 vertebrae, besides a country that needs the LORD NOW . . . Will you go to battle in prayer with me? Will you trust God’s faithfulness?

The Bible says,

They cried out to God during the battle and he answered their prayer BECAUSE they trusted in Him.

1 Chronicles 5:20

Pray for my home state of Louisiana, pray for our country, pray for godly leaders to move to the forefront and guide our republic as a nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice FOR ALL.

I will not stop praying for my home state of Louisiana! I will not stop praying for our country! I’m asking for complete protection as hurricane Delta barrels toward Louisiana. I’m asking for God’s hand to send that hurricane out to open waters. I’m asking God’s hand to bring America to revival.  

Oh Lord, grow us through these very trials and produce a people filled with spiritual wisdom and understanding. I pray our lives will honor and please you, our Savior and King. May fruit be borne and much growth. Teach us to know you more and more! Oh, Heavenly Father, strengthen the people of Louisiana and of these United States with your glorious power so that endurance is reflected, and a patient indomitable peace joyfully gives thanks in the midst of uncertainty!! For we have been given the full rights as children of light to share in the inheritance because we have been rescued from a kingdom of darkness and transferred into the kingdom of Your dear Son Who purchased our freedom AND forgave our sins!!! (Colossians 1:9-14).

  • Don’t stop praying 
  • Don’t stop trusting 
  • Don’t stop giving thanks

I call to you for help!

I praise You for what You have promised!

I trust in You, so why should I be afraid?

I will offer a sacrifice of thanks for your help! (Psalm 56:9-12)

Are you dressed for Battle: “Cry Out” in battle array!

Me and my sis-in-law who’s fighting cancer

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