Proven Disciple!

Have you ever had to prove to someone, like for instance, your name is really your name, or you have lived at a certain location for the past __ years? In some cases, it can take several documents to earn the proof needed!

But what does it take to prove you are a disciple of Jesus? One area, or “document,” is fruit.  Fruit is one aspect of proving you are a disciple of Jesus.

By this is my Father glorified that you bear much fruit, and so PROVE to be my disciples.

John 15:8, NASB

Another pretty telling argument concerning a disciple of Jesus is “If anyone does not abide in Me (v. 6), If you abide in Me (v. 7), and If you keep My commandments (v. 10).” Such a tiny word but how telling it is! “If” we are not abiding in the vine which provides life giving nourishment, it is impossible to bear fruit. And as believers “If” we aren’t abiding, we are useless and will be discarded. In other words, we will lose rewards. “If” we are abiding and “If” we are keeping His commandments, we are remaining in His love and are invited to ask whatever we wish, and it shall be granted. The Key then is abiding! When we are abiding in Christ, often, people around us will know we are His disciples. Also, our prayer lives are very telling. We don’t pray for anything contrary to the mind or will of God. And certainly, in that regard, we can be confident our prayers will be answered, though no indication is given of “when” they will be answered.

Oh Lord, how we “cry out” with thankful hearts that You chose us and appointed us to be Your fruit-bearers (v. 16). Help us to see this as our act of service. And we are your friends “if” we do what you have commanded (v. 14). Help us to love you as you have loved us. Thank you for speaking these words to us and showing us how to experience a life of joy overflowing (v. 11).  

For apart from You we can do nothing (v. 5)!

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