Cry Out! Challenge, Day 20!

Pastors have a very difficult road. Many times, the burden’s they carry are too much for one person. And, in order to serve a body of believers it takes away from the family. The pastor’s family makes untold sacrifices. Some of those sacrifices have to do with inadequate pay, the grumblings of discontented sheep, and even relocating to new assignments. “Their insults have broken my heart, and I am in despair. If only one person would show some pity; if only one would turn and comfort me” (Psalm 69:20, NLT). Your pastor feels as though he’s drowning many times. Instead of insults, why don’t you give him a pat on the back!

Sacrifices are a huge part of the Christian life no matter where you serve, but our brothers who shepherd the flock of Jesus Christ need our prayers. We should be upholding these men whom God has placed in their respective churches. In 2012, after 25 plus years of pastoring, my husband stepped out of the pastorate to work on a doctorate in education so he could teach in a Bible college. His years of pastoring were indispensable to the ministry he now has in teaching those active in the church today. We need to “cry out” for these men who stand in the pulpit Sunday after Sunday! We need to pray for revival to begin in THEIR hearts and “splash-over” to each of ours! “The humble have seen it and are glad; You who seek God, let your heart revive” (Psalm 69:32, NASB). Pray for revival to begin in their hearts!  

 Lord, for your sake I bear reproach. I know what it is to be treated with contempt and to be the object of gossip. I have fully sat in that seat as a pastor’s wife! My eyes have been swollen from all the weeping. I have felt the wounds of a fellow congregant. I’ve been treated like a stranger. Nevertheless, I will not experience anything You have not already suffered. My one desire is to do Your will! I pray for revival to break out in pulpits around the world as we uphold godly men who are respectfully, honoring the Word of God. “Then I will praise God’s name with singing, and I will honor him with thanksgiving.”

Psalm 69, verse 30, NLT

We do need to be very careful in choosing a shepherd to sit under, one who is teaching the entire council of God, and exegetically, not spiritualizing the Word of God but providing a sound biblical interpretation.

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