Cry Out! Challenge, Day 25

We’re on our last Sabbath-Sunday for the month of October. I hope you have rested on these 4 Sundays experiencing a refreshing posture.

“God gave the children of Israel the Sabbath as a rhythmic reminder that they were dependent, entirely, on Him.  . . .  In this rhythm of crying out, is it possible you’ve begun to think that the fate of the world lies on your shoulders?” (Cry Out! Challenge, Day 25, Revive Our Hearts)

Rest in God’s Sovereign Care and Concern!

I love the verse that was shared for today: “the Lord sits enthroned over the flood; the Lord sits enthroned as King forever.” –Psalm 29:10

Did you notice? He’s not standing up, pacing about, wondering if the boat is going to capsize!

Therefore, Rest in His Sovereign Care and Concern!

Even when “crying out” through the week, let it be said we are Resting in His Sovereign Care and Concern because He sits inaugurated as the eternal God!

Our gracious, eternal God in the heavens, quiet our hearts so we can fully see your magnificent glory and be so awed with your majesty that it breathes new life within our souls. May our posture be that of Resting in Your Sovereign Care and Concern! AMEN!

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