A Positive Connection

In the early years of marriage (I was 18 when I married) while experiencing emotional roller coasters and intense difficulties besides seasons of disconnect, my thoughts were constantly ME, ME, ME!

And though I soon became a pastor’s wife, my journey to trusting God and enjoying an intimate connectedness always came up lacking. Progress still felt extremely wanting even years down the road.

Certainly, an added disconnect came from a life of repeated transitions:

15 months here

4 years there

18 months somewhere



5 ½ year maturing period, and then more excruciating disconnect as grown children are left behind with the next move.

3 years more and . . .

Finally, as the New Year (2021) rolled over, my 12th year launched calling the eastern sand hills home (My longest place to live since high school), but not without 3 transitions to different homes in the area. 😉

Learning to trust God is the only hope we have! As my Streams in the Desert Devotional puts it: “It is far better for us to learn to trust God than to enjoy life.” That statement brings a reassuring understanding of why my journey may have looked the way it did.

Why must I weep when others sing? “To test the deeps of suffering.”

Why must I work while others rest? “To spend my strength at God’s request.”

Why must I lose while others gain? “To understand defeat’s sharp pain.”

Why must this lot of life be mine When that which fairer seems is thine? “Because God knows what plans for me Shall blossom in eternity.”     

Streams in the Desert

The more I find my connectedness in Him, “trusting” can be learned and enjoyed, and will blossom in eternity!

I want to focus on a greater connection with my Savior looking for all I can gain.

I am looking forward to one more transition. 

Are you ready?

Have you made a connection with the Savior of the world?

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