Each year I find my enthusiasm and excitement over Easter grows! Not only with the warmer weather and the beautiful new life springing up all around me but even more how much nearer my future resurrected new life comes into view. My heart has an ebullient and happy sensation as I recall what Easter is “really” all about; Not the bunnies, not the chicks, and not even the chocolates (then again, they certainly add a level of excitement 😉)! Easter is about our resurrected Lord, Who came down to be our substitute, the Lamb of God Who came to take the sins of the world on His own body. Hallelujah, What a Savior!

Last March I was advocating for each one to show encouragement to others throughout the month of March. This March, I vowed to remind myself of Whom it is Who actually lives on the throne of my heart; not dairy or sugar, so I had implemented my “no dairy, no sugar” fast for the duration of March 2021.

However, since learning that the father of my little neighbor boys had died, and even though their parents were divorced and they live with their mom, I wanted so badly to encourage their little hearts with some show of care and concern. So, today, I pulled out my mixer and began the process of baking cookies. I also have a granddaughter due next month and the need for some peanut clusters was evident, so what better way to encourage her as well. I never not want to be an encourager. And if my baking does it, well I am happy to oblige. But all that to say, today has been a real fail in the “no dairy, no sugar” fast. A good reminder however, that I can be too rigid in my decisions and must leave some leeway for unexpected times of service. 😉

Of course, I am a taste-tester, But the true test is to stay out of them the rest of the month! My hubby believes him to be my official taster-tester. 😉 What motivates you this time of the year?

Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone but in every leaf of springtime.” –Martin Luther

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