What’s All the Fuss?

5th year of “no dairy, no sugar” fast for the month of September!

The Scarlett Road

Really? What is all the fuss about? Why worry about the relationship I have with Starbucks coffees, yummy cookies, pies, cakes, fast food delicacies like Chick-fil-A’s chocolate milkshake, or too many chicken nuggets in my box with a large sized waffle fry? What’s the harm? It’s not like my waistline has expanded so far that I need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe!

Here’s the crux of the matter: Am I honoring God with my relationship to sweets?

In his book Every Body Matters, Gary Thomas espouses: “God alone knows whether we are honoring him with our daily choices.”

That’s something I must consider and act upon and thus, the big reason for my “no dairy, no sugar fast.” Am I honoring God with the choices I make when it comes to food, especially sweets? Thomas asserts, “We need a new relationship with food altogether, seeing it…

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