Looking Back (Day 26)

Looking back over my posts from previous “no dairy, no sugar” fasts, I have been reminded of how graciously patient the Lord is with me. Time after time, He stoops down to encourage my heart even though I may be lagging. But He never stops pursuing as He lovingly draws me to Himself. And in obedience as I seek Him out, He does the work of clearing the cobwebs (blind spots) so I can see peaks and valleys and know Him more fully; And experience Him like never before!

My very first fast, in September of 2017, was a journey with cragged-filled valleys that catapulted to mountain top experiences. The following reflections came from those posts:

One week under my belt! Can I let you in for a close-up? It’s not pretty! My focus has been on myself, with my mind fixated on what I’m giving up, instead of my great God. I have not been minding my mind. It has been extremely difficult. My obsession on the things I love has made this week depressing. I’m thankful for some encouraging friends along the way.

September 2017

Hey y’all, I just can’t fathom why God would lean down to speak to me! Day 7 provided some needed insight for minding the mind, and now, the Lord of the Universe goes and does it again! As a child of the King, every spiritual gift that is waiting to be had is not just for the elite, or spiritual, or educated, or white, brown, or black. It is for ALL God’s children; He is the King eternal, and He loves YOU and ME so much He died to pay the sin debt we owed. He did not stay dead but rose again in VICTORY. But not wanting to leave us alone, He sent His Helper to YOU and ME. And if you are His child, He has provided everything you need to have VICTORY.

September 2017

But how do we go about being victorious? And how do we get through a “no dairy, no sugar” fast when sugar is an addiction? or, how do we get through anything we face? March 1, 2022, I began this present “no dairy, no sugar” fast with a post entitled: “Day by Day, Step by Step, Moment by Moment.”

How do we get by? Day by day, step by step, moment by moment – refocusing and renewing our minds! “By MY Grace,” says the Lord, “you’ll get by” (2 Corinthians 12:9).  “Just as long as you focus your mind on Me!”

I recall this to my mind, Therefore I wait. The Lord’s acts of mercy indeed do not end, For His compassions do not fail. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:21-23, NASB

Ah! – minding my mind!  Then the Lord looked at me very seriously.  “You mind your mind, [Scarlett], and I’ll mind your heart!  Great is MY faithfulness!”

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