NEW LIFE (Day 25)

In the Bible the Psalms is a book of Hebrew poetry containing hymns of praise as well as laments. Featured parallelisms are articulated through repetition, variation, or contrast. There are deep and raw emotions being expressed as the writers share their outlooks. David wrote many of these weighty, at his “wits end,” laments.

In Psalm 55, he writes:

My heart is in anguish…fear and trembling come upon me; …Oh that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest.

Verses 5a & 6

Obviously, he sounds desperate to get away from whatever is causing him so much distress. But after spending time pouring his heart out to the Lord, it is as though he washed his face and remembered whose he belonged to as he writes the remedy to the nightmare:


Verses 22a & 23c

My Streams in the Desert devotional paints a picture of what our burdens can become when we give them to God:

The word “burden” is translated in the Bible margin, “what he (Jehovah) hath given thee.” The saints’ burdens are God-given; they lead him to “wait upon Jehovah,” and when that is done, in [trusting faith], the “burden” is metamorphosed into a pair of wings and weighted one “mounts up with wings as eagles.”

Streams in the Desert 1

On December 8, 2021, my nephew, Dylan, My brother’s son, finally reached REMISSION from his Leukemia. And since going through Stem Cell Transplant on March 8, 2022, we have been praying for growth of those new cells in his body! This week, my brother has been keeping me updated with the increments of growth!

They continue to inch upwards! What another amazing gift; new cells reproducing!

As Resurrection Sunday approaches with the celebration of new life because of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection, my heart is overjoyed as burdens are being transformed into wings and much soaring can take place for the glory of God!

Me and my brother!

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  1. Praise the Lord for those results for Dylan. And one day we will rise because Jesus was raised. We praise Him with you Scarlett Road!

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