The Pool of Bethesda

My hair is a matted, unkept mess and peering into the mirror is not for the faint of heart! I am trying to remember the last time I had a shower, or even a bath!  I am beginning to feel like the lame man at the pool of Bethesda (John 5). Maybe a little exaggeration 😉 Although, desiring to be cured is high on my list!!

How did I get here you may ask?! It has been in the making for sure, beginning with a bummed knee. I finally went to my orthopedic doctor and was diagnosed with bursitis, arthritis, and a Baker’s cyst – I was prescribed a steroid pack and Physical Therapy.  However, having grandmotherly duties to execute, I gladly put PT on hold. I then developed what I thought was a boil on my face and began doctoring it as such. After a week of wearing the oozing, scabby sore, I decided to see my doctor for her expert opinion, and because I was pretty sure it was spreading. So, it turned out to be something I did not want to tango with: impetigo. With a $330 cream to take care of it, along with an antibiotic, I felt confident I would nip it quickly. BUT (there are times I just do not like that 3-letter word), another turn of events occurred: COVID. My mind raced to all that I would now be missing. A beautiful weekend had been planned for a great celebration of the final adoption of 2 more grandchildren!!

Today has been a hard day! The worst of Covid seems to be over for me (Praise the LORD), but the impetigo spread a great deal. Not sure when this will all clear up, but “my” plans are always subject to change.

The man lying next to the pool of Bethesda was not the only one. There were many. But Jesus chose only to heal that “one” that day! It is hard to understand His ways of doing things. And if we could understand, He would not be much of a God, right?! A God, Who is on our level, would not know how to create out of nothing. He would not be everywhere at the same time. He would not know everything, see everything, or hold everything together. So why do we expect to understand His ways?!

Author Gary Thomas said,

“Learning how important it is to remain needy is to remind ourselves of how rich we are.”

I am needy and longing to be healed but for now I am pondering all that I have available to me in the richness of a Savior, a Father Who loves me, and the Holy Spirit Who is carrying me.

Next month: No dairy, no sugar Fast as well as a break from Facebook

I am so excited to see where God leads our path.

P.S. It will not be shared to Facebook!


3 thoughts on “The Pool of Bethesda

  1. Only the grace of God is sufficient when all of this meets at one intersection. Thank you for the godly example and rich reminders Scarlett Road!

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