September Fast Fixer

A characteristic of mine is that I am a fixer! I like to see problems fixed! I like to help people get fixed! Unfortunately, for years, I tried to do it my way and in my own strength. Seeking God’s plan and waiting for His direction, well, that just took too long, and I couldn’t wait!

When I finally surrendered that terrible trait of mine and allowed the Lord access, He began a procedure of prying my grasp of control. I had always thought I had to control everything and everyone. Of course, I did not have the control I thought I did, anyway. But for some time, I was not at all sure I would live to see the results. Having a propensity to panic, I now felt the level of my anxiety soar! When God took my hands off the situation, I struggled to even breathe, but as I leaned into Him, little by little it got easier. By trusting that He had it all in His capable hands, I could finally relax; He did a much better job, and freedom flowed as I experienced a gentle and quiet spirit emerging. A new level of joy and contentment surged through my being.

In July of 2000, I fasted and prayed for a situation that I longed to see God change. He rewarded me with something beautiful! Total transformation was not the outcome but a step in that direction gave me hope. I still have not seen that situation totally transformed but God continues to give me snippets of progress that shows His providential hand is at work and at just the right time, I am confident, He will bring it to pass.

David’s Psalm (Psalm 27) ends with “Wait for the Lord; Be strong, and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.” I never knew how to do that. People, pressures, schedules, emotions, and despair kept me imprisoned. But my heavenly Father loved me enough to set me free. He loved me so much He pried open my grasp and showed me a better way. The BEST way. The ONLY way, His way! I am learning to be strong and courageous, and wait on Him to set the stage, to orchestrate His plan.

It takes a daily commitment to see strength and courage grow and to trust HE HAS FULL CONTROL OF THIS LIFE! No matter what you are facing, He is able to accomplish all that He has in mind. You may have lost the key and be locked out, you might not have enough food to last until you get paid, you may be at the bottom of the mound and not sure if you will ever see the light of day again, But God has a way out; He can turn the key, He can multiply the bread and He can lift you out of the heap. He CAN turn things around!

Wait for the Lord; Be strong, and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord!

Psalm 27:14, NASB

I hope like me, you will acknowledge God’s Ruling hand in your life and yield to the real “Fixer”!


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