Worship flows from my heart as my cup overflows …

For years, I struggled with praying. I felt unworthy and vulnerable; Hypocritical and pharisaical; Repetitive and wearisome!

Then, my heavenly Father allowed an astronomical number of trials and tribulations to enter my life, forcing prayer to become a necessity motivated by the extreme conditions that now held me captive. From what the Lord permitted; a growing prayer life developed.

For others who pray out of simple obedience to God, I am sure the following verse has been reassuring.

Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks …THIS IS GOD’S WILL for YOU!  

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Some of us are more difficult to convince. But unless convinced, to the sidelines we must go having become ineffective for the kingdom.

I love how John Onwuchekwa encapsulates prayer so graphically:

“Breathing – as a metaphor for Christian prayer – captures so much of what prayer should be. It reminds us that prayer is something essential to our existence. Breathing is necessary for everything we do. It enables every activity. Likewise, prayer is basic and vital. It’s tied to both our present existence and perpetual endurance. Prayer is breathing. There’s no better metaphor of what prayer should be for the Christian.”

Just as air is necessary for breathing, so a follower of Jesus Christ needs prayer for a thriving relationship with their Creator. Again, Onwuchekwa considers:

“As we reflect on the character of God, the work of Christ, and the promises of the gospel, God will increase our desire to know Him more and thus pursue Him more through prayer.”

As I grow in the Lord my cup brims with all I receive through my obedience to pursue God in prayer. The sheer excitement is watching and waiting for what I never in a million years would have believed possible. Prayer is the fuel for my 6-week Retreat: Refocusing & Refueling and God’s Word is the focus.

My current offering to the Lord is eating a mostly plant-based diet. I will honor Him and make much of Who He is by sharing all that I am gleaning from this time because worship flows from my heart as my cup overflows. Prayer is breathing!

What overflows from your heart?


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