An Anniversary of a Commitment

Written by my daughter, Carlie!

Commitment in Motion

March 6, 2019 was a significant day in our lives.

But a few months prior to this date 4 years ago, we had already committed to an adoption placement in our home- which was a strange moment in our lives.

Contrary to the movie portrayal of a couple going through an orphanage to see what child(ren) they wanted, we got the call that a toddler boy needed a forever home and might we go visit him to see if it would be a fit?

Upon visiting, Chad and I struggled to find an effective way to evaluate if it were, indeed, a fit.

Little boy needed a home- check

We thought he was cute- check

A couple who had one baby in Heaven and desired to help other children- check

Match made.

Well, by 3/6/2019, we found ourselves working through the transitionary steps of moving said traumatized toddler from his 3rd foster home to our intended forever home when we got the call that changed the trajectory of our family….. “We have an emergency placement of 2 babies. Can you take them?”

It was our first official placement as foster parents.

And a few short weeks later, our adoptive placement joined us making us a “family” of five.

Saying yes to being a foster parent was relatively easy- we wanted to help.

Saying yes to an emergency foster placement was also not that difficult. What would it be- a weekend?

But committing daily to a foster journey that turned into a 3.5 year roller coaster for the “2 babies,” our adopted son, and 2 people who “just wanted to help” was far more difficult than we could have ever, ever imagined.

My commitment varied over the years. Strange how as a foster parent you want to heart-connect but you shouldn’t because they will leave (the goal of foster care is reunification with bio parents). But when the foster story turns onto the road of adoption, and you are ready to heart-commit, but your heart stubbornly refuses….

Maybe from fear? From a desire to self-protect?

Ann Voskamp writes in her book “Waymaker: Finding the Way to the Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of”: “Self-care is not the same as resting in God’s care. Trying to self-protect can be how we self-destruct. Trying to save oneself can be how to lose oneself. The independence of choosing my own way can be what destroys my way. When we try to take care of ourselves, we can take away the care God means to give.” (pg 252)

God peeled back my tightly clenched hands on my own heart by injecting truth into my very veins. The truth set me free from many of Satan’s lies I was so willing to believe.

And as I committed to trust the Truth-teller every day, and as my feet moved along this journey of ours, love began to flood this mama’s heart….. three gracious, precious gifts given to their daddy and I on this earth (and 1 in Heaven).

Today, we celebrate 4 years of Family.

4 years since they stepped into our home.

Adoption was one part of our story, but adoption isn’t what made our story good.

No, the Truth made it good.

“God is the Word, the Author of our Story, and He keeps writing the story until the last line is good.” (Waymaker pg 254).



And the Goodness of God.






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