Buy Chevrolet not Ford!

Every Fast/Retreat I endeavor to attempt the Lord gives more than I can even imagine!

Here I am at the halfway mark of my 6-Week Retreat: Refocusing and Refueling and there is so much more yet to be accomplished, spiritually! But let me share with you a sampling of what has been taking place, physically.

My husband and I knew the car I drive, a 2011 Ford Fusion, needed some repairs. Not wanting to sink any more money into a car that would not be reliable especially for long trips, we began praying that God would point us to a vehicle that would be right for us. Like Nehemiah (Chapter 2), we gathered information while I spent several hours with our Ford salesperson through whom we bought our previous 3 cars. I looked at what she wanted to show me and then finally saw something that I liked, a Ford Edge. However, the price was not in our ballpark. She assured me they would be getting more in and would contact me.  I left that day happy with my discovery and was just waiting for her call. A few days later, we found out my Fusion needed tires. A time sensitive matter. We had a big trip coming up soon and definitely did not want to drive the Fusion. My husband began emailing our car sales agent to which he received no reply. We paused and reevaluated. We then decided to gather more information by looking elsewhere. Having a car dealership 2 minutes down the road and knowing the owner as an honest man who attends our same church, but not knowing him personally, I reached out to some neighbors who previously bought from him. We were given a name to ask for and of course, our neighbor offered this bit of advice: Buy Chevrolet not Ford! 😉

Gathering more information, I scrolled through their website, a white GMC Terrain had all the features I was looking for and reminded me of the Ford Edge. We felt it was time to go and see!

A two-minute drive and we were there at the Chevrolet Dealership. As we walked up to the doors, a smiling young agent flung them open. The original agent we intended to use was out on assignment, but she was happy to help until he returned. The SUV which I spied online was loaned out. However, our cheerful sales agent introduced us to the Equinox. We liked it very much but still wanted to compare with the Terrain. It would not be back until later, so having plans for the evening, we had to leave but not before the other salesman showed up.  However, having been met with a big smile and helped so selflessly we determined she would not hand us back to him. He understood and there were no hard feelings. The plan was to return the following morning and test drive the Terrain. Which we did! And without a doubt felt God had saved that vehicle just for us!! Of course, we now agree, buy Chevrolet not Ford! 😊

O Lord, God of heaven, the great and awesome God who keeps his covenant of unfailing love with those who love him and obey his commands, listen to my prayer! 

Nehemiah 1:5-6a, NLT

Saying “goodbye” to the Ford Fusion and welcoming our new GMC Terrain


2 thoughts on “Buy Chevrolet not Ford!

  1. You think your vehicle is old? I drive a 2007 RAV4 Toyota. If and when I go to get another vehicle, I might look at American cars. I think they are cheaper and the maintenance might not be as much. I am glad you found something. Have fun on all your summer trips.

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  2. The Lord’s working carries on behind the scenes and often surfaces at critical points. Thanks Scarlett Road.


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