Sharon Kay Castillo Rion

It has been one month, two weeks, and two days since she took her last breath. I had hoped to celebrate this birthday with her! I do not think I ever had the privilege of celebrating her March 12th birthday alongside her. Yet even more, I looked forward each year (since 2005) to her spiritual … Continue reading Sharon Kay Castillo Rion

A Life of Repeated Transitions

In the early years of marriage (I was 18 when I married) while experiencing emotional roller coasters and intense difficulties besides seasons of disconnect, my thoughts were constantly ME, ME, ME! And though I soon became a pastor’s wife, my journey to trusting God and enjoying an intimate connectedness always came up lacking. Progress still … Continue reading A Life of Repeated Transitions

Trusting God’s Sovereign Hand

Thinking back over the past four months, I see God’s sovereign hand in all that transpired. God’s sovereign hand led me to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas in Louisiana with my sister-in-law and family. Then, orchestrating my return just in time on January 24, to spend the last 3 hours of her earthly life next to … Continue reading Trusting God’s Sovereign Hand

Skimming the Peaks: Creation to Christ, Part 11: Babel

God pasted a rainbow in the sky as His promise to never flood the earth again. He gave a command to Noah and his family, to populate and fill the earth just as He had with Adam and Eve (Genesis 9:1-2). But it was not long before the people began to forget the goodness of … Continue reading Skimming the Peaks: Creation to Christ, Part 11: Babel