From Praise to Prayer

During this isolating pandemic period, I was motivated to read several books that are lying around the house longing for me to pick them up. One small book, easily digested but held a wealth of spiritual truth, is If You Will Ask by Oswald Chambers. This book, insightful and timely, is a testimony of Chambers’ … Continue reading From Praise to Prayer

Sacrificed on the Altar: PRAISE

Ashamedly, there have been multiple times in my life when I have told the Lord I could not praise Him in the midst of a difficult situation. After He provided the relief and I saw a resolution to the difficulty, I would praise Him. Yet, there are some heartrending complexities that remain to this day … Continue reading Sacrificed on the Altar: PRAISE


Thirteen years ago, we left Ringgold Georgia and the first home we ever purchased. We also left our church Rodney pastored, which sat along State Line Road, separating Tennessee and Georgia, but on the Chattanooga side. A beautiful area we had grown to love was now being replaced with the rural area of the northern … Continue reading Funambulism