National Day of Prayer!

We are offered Peace,          But we dwell in pandemonium!We are offered Contentment,          But we model through dissatisfaction!We are offered Cleansing,          But we prefer to “waller” around in our guilt!We are granted Victory,          But we survive in a state of defeat! Where do our minds roam through the day? And, where do we park our minds … Continue reading National Day of Prayer!

The Third “P”

“Rodrigo” (as I like to call him) and I had a lovely cookout the other day! The food was great, and the company was amusing 😉 but what thrilled me the most was the peaceful setting. No thoughts of a “Lockdown” or even a “virus;” No worry or care “called in” to interrupt that peace-filled … Continue reading The Third “P”


Thirteen years ago, we left Ringgold Georgia and the first home we ever purchased. We also left our church Rodney pastored, which sat along State Line Road, separating Tennessee and Georgia, but on the Chattanooga side. A beautiful area we had grown to love was now being replaced with the rural area of the northern … Continue reading Funambulism