Dear Dad

Living out of state, I usually don’t make it home for Father’s Day, but this one in 2006, I happened to be there. It will be a “special” memory for me now!

Because, my last visit home [April 2015], to Louisiana – my parent’s home, my dad wasn’t there. He has always been there any other time I have driven or flown home! But this time was different.

This time he wasn’t in his chair. He wasn’t in his shop. He wasn’t in his garden. He wasn’t out visiting or “fixing” something for someone. A few days later, I saw him – but he wasn’t there either. His body had been laid in a coffin. And while that seemed very strange to me, I knew without a doubt he was very alive enjoying the fulfilled hope every Christian anticipates – that of eternal life in heaven with their Savior, Jesus Christ! I knew what I had been taught and what I had read in the Bible was all true and I would see him again someday.

But for now, Father’s day, the day I would purchase a card for him and get it into the mail so that it might possibly make it to my dad on time, will change! This day will make me think of my dad in light of eternity and what we will experience in that realm of blissful living without a sinful nature.

Dear Dad, thanks for everything! Love, Chris