34 years of Marriage


It’s our 34th Wedding Anniversary on Friday [June 26, 2015]! I really can’t believe it!

We have journeyed a very difficult road with thorns hedging the way.

We never would have made it if it wasn’t for a great God.

Yet, I would do it all over again just to be at your side!

Our road has been loud and noisy, totally bumpy, and at times so long I didn’t know what the future would hold for us. We have felt the surging waves and have been thrown against the rocks.

But God . . .

God knew you would complete me, “In His Time.” How appropriately was that song sang in our wedding! So, I can now say, I’m thankful for the thorns that yielded such impressive blooms!

Thanks for traveling down this undulating road of life with me.

Thank you for being the driver that maneuvered through the tough terrain.

Thank you for allowing God to change us!

Thank you for not giving up and finding an easier road!

And what gets me every time: Thank you for “choosing” to love me!!

With all my love, Scarlett