Spring break

Recollections of Spring Break and other interesting novelties are forever embedded in my mind! I can’t help but share them because to me, they are a testament to God’s faithfulness through the years. And God’s faithfulness gives me reason to praise Him and exalt His name. Especially as I remember the most life-changing spring break ever! Thirty-five years ago, I experienced my first and last spring break.

I was only 16 when this tall, dark (he had a gorgeous tan), and handsome junior in college made this heart go pitter-patter during college days for kids in high school. So the following year when I went off to college, I was thrilled to see him on campus, but there was a tiny problem! He had a girlfriend!!

His relationship didn’t last, but I had determined to be his friend and nothing more. I loved following him around as he performed his duties of security guard on campus. In spite of this, one fateful night without warning, he looks into my eyes and asked if he could kiss me! Oh my word! I was speechless! Before I could think of an answer, he up and kissed me!! When spring break rolled around, I asked the northerner to come home with me to Louisiana. I introduced him to my family and to my favorite kind of food: seafood. Determined that he experience the best Lake Charles had to offer, we took him to the Crab Palace. He was driving while my mom sat in the backseat and I sat in the front with him. As we drove into the parking lot, I spied a can on the ground and dutifully instructed him not to run over it. As he drives into the parking space, I disparagingly comment that he ran over the can! To this bit of news, my mother comes out of the backseat with an alarmed tone questioning, “You mean that CAT didn’t move?” Welcome to my family Rodney Phillips. We have countless chronicles from 34+ years of marriage but that tale will always be highlighted in our memories!

Nevertheless, tme and rodhe best part of that spring break was getting to hear that young man preach for the first time in my little home church. I sat wide-eyed as this 21 year old preached and taught Scripture from the Word of God, “Only fear the Lord and serve Him in truth with all your heart; for consider what great things He has done for you.” I Samuel 12 came alive. I knew as I sat in my pew he was the one for me. Let it be so, Dear Lord! By the end of June, we were married.

The Faithfulness of God AND the Best Spring Break ever!


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