Sharing the Memories

“. . . The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.” Job 1:21b


Today is a sad day . . . we said goodbye to a “BIG” part of the family. I cried as I pondered just how big. We have said goodbye to “the family van!” Since 1997, “the van” was our family friend. Our son, Nathan, at 13 years old, traveled with his dad to Indiana from Kansas to purchase our new friend. We were a family of five and the white Plymouth Horizon had “long” been outgrown. The family van made vacations a lot more anticipated, as well as, more comfortable driving through numerous States! The family van made moving, family relocations and into college dorms, much easier–Kansas to TN/GA, Pensacola, FL, Winston-Salem, NC, Stoneville, NC, Lynchburg, VA, Morehead City, NC, and finally making it to Hope Mills, NC. Nathan owned the van for a while, then we gained it back when he left for basic training with the Air Force. Carlie, our second born, needed it for a while and then Jennifer, our youngest, borrowed it while her vehicle was being repaired. Needless to say, at 250,000 miles and head-gaskets replaced many miles earlier, it had given its life to get us around. So there it sat out in the over-flow parking of our townhouse with a blown head-gasket once again — until today!!! A buyer saw it on Craig’s List and came to sweep it up. He paid for it, loaded it, and drove away with the “family van.” Our Ford Windstar was a BIG part of our family, for me especially. The kids are all grown and gone now but the memories that were made riding in that van are priceless. We are thankful to God for the blessing it was in each of our lives. It truly was a “BIG” gift that the Lord gave!

One of the things I like about Facebook are the memories popping up to remind me of previous posts I have made. A few days ago “the family van post” from March 2012 popped up. I’m thankful for the tool that can be used to remind us of the ways the Lord works in our lives and how much we have to be thankful for. Even when He takes away, we still have many reasons to praise His name! Shortly after we sold our van, we moved from the townhouse to a small apartment in Fayetteville. We were a one car husband and wife team now and thought it best to move close to the hubby’s employment, just in case he ever had to walk. The Lord provided a place just two minutes away, less than a mile. We had downsized several times but now we were minus a vehicle. Once again we felt the “taken away” part! But in the Lord’s timing, he has given again. 2017 has been a blessed year of much gain and we are very thankful. We pray to hold on delicately and to still say whether He gives or takes away, blessed is the name of the Lord!


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