Day Seventeen

Day 17

 No sugar or dairy

Here I go marveling again about the awesome ways MY God works the events of our lives. Enjoying the people He puts in our lives certainly takes the focus off the bodily cravings. And just like that the 3rd Sunday in September rolls around! If you read my “Day 3” post, you know that Sunday’s are my favorite day of the week, and why. Our pastor, in the pulpit this morning, was especially pumped from the prospect of our joint heir’s status with Jesus. And as he admitted, we can’t really fathom what all that entails, let alone completely grasp. But we should be living in such a way as to give all of earth a correct estimate of what’s to come!

I love belonging to a great place to worship as well as a great place to run into others you have only heard about. In our Adult Bible Fellowship (Sunday School for us “old” timers) this morning, I walked past a lady and sat down in the seat in front of hers, thinking to myself she looks familiar, but chalking it up to someone else I knew. Since pastoring led us to ministries in several states, I am always thinking I see someone I know, then remember they live in a different state. After the class was over, Rodney visited with the teacher (who we found out last week graduated from the same seminary), while she introduced herself to me. It started coming back to me who she was. Her husband was the 9-11 pilot that never got on the plane. She had written the book, “In My Seat.” I had watched the video on YouTube several years ago (*links below). I knew about their ministry. “But what are you doing here?” I asked. They had moved from Maine to North Carolina some time back. She shared how God had brought them and I just marveled to myself how God so eloquently maneuvers the affairs of our lives; And here they attend “my” church when they aren’t on the road speaking. I just love how God brings us together.

But my day of marveling wasn’t over yet! Our dear friends, whom we love and with whom we are so privileged to worship, recommended a Vietnamese restaurant.  It’s always a little frightening (especially for my husband) to try something new. However, it was a success and I fully enjoyed my fried rice and shrimp with bean sprouts, egg, and what looked like green onion. I do know there was something green in there! Haha! Surprisingly, Rodney thoroughly enjoyed his, even though the spicy sauce made his eyes water.  Poor hubby! But still the sweet fellowship was worth every bite, even if it wouldn’t have been edible. My cup runneth over! Thank you, Lord!

How was your Sunday?

*Steve & Megan Scheibner

2 thoughts on “Day Seventeen

  1. Hi Chris. If I am not mistaken, they spoke at the Shepard’s 360 Conference last year in Carey. Enjoyable class. Very entertaining couple when they teach about communication in marriage together.


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