Changing Seasons

The good ‘ole NC State Fair is underway in Raleigh, North Carolina!


Changing Seasons: Seeds of Promise

By Patsy Clairmont

There are losses and gains in every season. Some we are eager for like caramel dripping off a honey crisp apple, . . ., or hot cocoa steaming in our fireside mug. But watching trees go bare, song birds pack up their hymnals and head south, and grass wither brown around our loafers…feels, well, kinda sad.

I don’t know what your changing season will bring, good or sad, but perhaps you’d like to join me as I look for, in the midst of our days, seeds of promise. They’re there. In every conceivable season. Sometimes they are asleep waiting for a divine awakening. Sometimes they are hidden under fallen leaves, protected from bitter winds. And sometimes they are the healing, inky-lavender pooling at our feet.

“For every season there is a purpose.”


Dear Lord,
Thank you for autumn’s purple and gold adornments that prepare us for the crunch and sparkle of winter to follow. From one calendar page to the next we are aware of Your holy handiwork. And we pray you would give us eyes to also see that in our losses Your Spirit of love stitches worries into wonder and losses into legacy. You are teaching us that our sorrows in Your hands Lord Jesus, are seeds for a fruitful future. So during this season with its swirl of leaves and trembling petals, may we kneel often in Your presence and rise up awed by Your plans.


How does the changing season cause you to depend more on God, or force  you to find hidden blessings? Can you see God’s purpose?

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