My Badge of Honor

I’m a drool-wearing Gram! My sleeves and jeans absorb it quite courageously. It’s flung from here to there, walking in it is highly probable. For the most part, it’s not mine! When the grandson’s 2-year-old molars decided to irrupt, they came in with a vengeance producing slobber, fever, snot and crankiness.

I have found it to be true that in serving others, we sometimes get drooled on; We can be misunderstood, taken advantage of, and mistreated in countless ways. The person we serve may never be grateful for the service rendered to them. Yes, serving is not what you call a glamorous job, not excitingly attractive in the least, buts it’s the job we are called to do. Jesus didn’t seek out a glamourous life when He came to this earth. He came to wash his disciple’s feet, and there wasn’t anything glamorous about stinky feet washing! He came to heal sick people; a leper was far from glamorous; sickness in general is not attractive. But Jesus came to serve humanity and the greatest service was being the sacrificial Lamb for the sins of the world. So those who trust in Him as their Savior from sin will receive a captivating inheritance, Heaven, unlike this world has ever known. As Mark Buchanan puts it in his book Things Unseen: “Our yearning for home is once and for all fulfilled. The ahh! Of deep satisfaction and the aha! Of delighted surprise meet, and they kiss.” That’s what I call glamorous!

Joni Eareckson Tada shared, “I . . . will one day have a new body . . . clothed in righteousness—powerful and dazzling . . .” Glamorous!!

Our home in heaven will be glamorous and our lives will be full of beauty and glamor. A splendid reunion with loved ones while meeting our Savior face to face. There’s nothing more alluring and fascinating than that.

What’s holding you back from securing a more glamorous lifestyle?



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