I Can’t Do It (Part 3)

How do “YOU” walk into a New Year, with thoughts of “I Can’t Do It” or “Ready, Set, Go Shine”? I believe we need to be equipped with a well charged batteNew Yearry pack. The first battery being the “One Day at a Time” amount, and the second, “Casting our Cares on Him” dimension. But we also need a proper attitude as we encounter the bumps along our climb. So, a third volume, “Sing to the Lord with a thankful heart” needs to be engaged. Applying this third battery insures a healthy outlook. Who doesn’t need a healthy outlook? I have felt the effects of not engaging this voltage through the seasons of life, allowing a heavy load to keep me from looking up. Laughter was not on the to-do list. The clouds of despair covered any hope. There was a limp in my step. Survival Mode had been launched and the gear of hopelessness was ignited. And Praising God was not on the radar!

But when we sing praises to our all-powerful, ever-present, all-knowing God, it revives thanksgiving deep within our cells. And the Holy Spirit becomes the source of our battery pack and we can mimic the energizer bunny lighting up the New Year.

Singing to the Lord with a thankful heart is essential as we seek to obey the Word of God. Scripture clearly acknowledges our responsibility to give thanks and sing praise as well as many commands to rejoice.

Do you think God knows how important that is to our spirits?

Psalm 7:17 (NLT) – “I will give thanks to the Lord because He is right and good. I will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High.”

1 – Take one day at a time

2 – Cast all our cares on Him

3 – Sing to the Lord with a thankful heart

Are you singing? We have escaped defeat and destruction! Thank the Lord for His indescribable gift that He gives freely; worship Him with a carefree heart; and praise Him for His moment by moment assistance.

(Don’t You Know) It’s Time to Praise the Lord

Verse 1
Don’t you know it’s time
To praise the Lord
In the sanctuary of His Holy Spirit
So set your mind on Him
And let your praise begin
And the glory of the Lord
Will fill this place
Praise the Lord praise the Lord
Verse 2
He lives within
The praises of His people
He loves to hear us
Call upon His name
So set your mind on Him
And let your praise begin
And the glory of the Lord
Will fill this place
Praise the Lord praise the Lord

We can look a New Year in the face and BREATHE! Breathing in His moment by moment strength and faithfulness, Handing over what concerns us, and Humming a praiseworthy tune.

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