Service Station

Oh, how spiritual I thought I sounded!Greeting at Colonial

I informed my ministry leader at church I would not be able to man my welcome desk on Sunday because I was going to serve my husband by driving him to his preaching assignment since he was not feeling up to par. I wanted to serve my husband, but a part of me was doing it begrudgingly. Little did I know what service I would actually render. You see, we didn’t make it to his preaching assignment that Sunday because the night before, he grew sicker and I knew I was sick as well. It’s rather interesting how our perspective changes when we are dealt a hand we didn’t see coming, especially when it requires serving another. Serving another person when you are healthy is one thing, but serving them from your sickbed is a completely different thing altogether. It’s tough to not have ill feelings toward the one you are caring for while you are suffering at the same time. As a wife, mother and grandmother, it seems our job is always to serve. Do you ever feel like you have served enough? You are done? Do you hear your subconscious scream: Who’s serving ME? Frankly, maybe the scream is more audible and not so hidden! But, the truth of the matter is, we have all been called to serve. And yet, serving with the “right” spirit is a whole different service package.

There’s also the element of serving someone who appreciates it versus serving someone who doesn’t even notice. No one knows that more than Jesus! Jesus served many. One very telling example is the story of “The Ten Lepers” (Luke 17:11-19). After being healed from a disease that hastened one’s death, but until then, lawfully made to holler unclean whenever approaching people, it is astonishing only one of the ten came back to thank Jesus for healing him.

Jesus went to the cross serving all mankind by taking on the sins past, present, and future of everyone who has ever lived and who will ever live. But many will not care about His service, as many ignore it, despise it, abuse it, mock it, and scorn it.

Nevertheless, Jesus came to serve. He didn’t make you fill out an application to see if you were worthy, He didn’t appraise your looks or financial status, and He didn’t even serve you on the basis that you would serve Him back. He served, period!

Joni Eareckson Tada is an example of someone who is living her life in service to the Lord Jesus Christ under the weight of paraplegia, chronic pain, and sleepless nights. She has every reason to stay in bed and tell the world get someone else. But instead she lives her life others-oriented. And that’s exactly what Jesus did. He always had the cross before Him. He lived His life for others knowing from the beginning He would be tortured and killed for the sins of the world.

A mangled life to us but a life bringing glory to the Heavenly Father. That’s what Jesus does! He takes what looks ugly and what seems to hasten our death yet turns it to something beautiful in His time. He gives life where there is only death! He gives riches where there is only poverty! He gives grace where there is only condemnation! He gives love where there is only hate! AND, He gives freely! No amount of riches could ever pay for the sinless blood of the Lamb. Our risen Lord is to be celebrated and worshiped for what His work on the cross accomplished for a lost world dying a hopeless death. The perfect spotless Lamb of God! No amount of works can acquire the free sacrifice of the King! Our Savior, Our King paid the price in full!

We all have a station in life where we serve. Do we serve with a grateful attitude? Our Lord gave everything to serve mankind. Are we following His example?


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