The journey is not a paved road!!

Lord, I want to do it myself! Feeling frustrated, I left the kitchen and stepped out onto the front porch. My new neighbor across the way, whom I had given a few quick waves, but not actually met, was in his driveway washing his car. Ask him! Ask him to help you! Fine, I’ll go back in and get the jar. With everything in motion on my stovetop preparing supper for the grandson, I just needed the marinara sauce opened and I couldn’t do it. From my front porch I hollered, “Hey, can you help me?”

Three years ago, at this same time, I was praying for healing. Healing so I wouldn’t have to go through surgery. Agitation flooded my being as I witnessed others go about their day-to-day lives standing tall and lifting things while moving about. And now, here I sit once again overwhelmed by feelings of exasperation, frustration, irritation, yes, every last “tion.” The journey is not a paved road!!

Three years ago, I was dealing with a herniated disc, and now I’m nursing De Quervain’s tenosynovitis. But just as I found a measure of healing through physical therapy for my herniated disc, I am now appreciating the individuals sufficiently trained in Hand Therapy. I’m thankful for the many ways that our bodies heal themselves through the right kind of pressure and exercise. God certainly has created the human body with such precision and so much detail. I asked my hand therapist about yard work, in which, of course, she frowned upon. The purpose in healing is resting the injury, not working it. After seeing my dejected face, she gave permission for a very limited amount. Cleaning house, making pies, yard work, apparently none of these activities rest the hand. I have found that ironing our clothes hurts the worst. My poor, poor hubby has not been sufficiently pressed for several months now. Should I mention the 2-year-old grandson? He’s more of a help, right?

More than anything, my attitude is going through some rehabilitation. In the frustration and limitation, I’m asking the Lord to point me to the good in this. Change my attitude. How do I function while resting the hand that does everything for me? How do I give it time to heal? The journey is not a paved road!!

God points me to Psalm 46 reminding me He is all the help I need. He is my strength no matter what difficulties present themselves, and He works all things for good. Being still before the Lord means to cease striving, relax, and let go. I’m not in control, He is! And He is with me and will receive the glory!

Did God want me to meet my neighbor? An ingenuous plan unfolded before my very eyes when my neighbor gladly crossed the street as we pleasantly exchanged names and, most importantly, the jar was opened!

God can be trusted for the journey!

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