Grow Plant Grow!

Stopping by Lowe’s on a Sunday afternoon, when spring has sprung, causes some major wanting! And I don’t think I’m the only one desiring a yard full of God’s created masterpieces. The place is typically swarming. Certainly, the thrill of a plant growing is captivating.

Yet, the growing process is not always successful or without three steps forward and two steps back. There are times when a plant takes some extra care, not to mention prayer! For instance, last year at this time, I planted a River Birch and by the end of summer the worms were feasting on its succulent leaves. I treated it but no sign was given before winter if it would bounce back. So, when spring sprung this year, I was a bit anxious. I inspected it, watching it daily for new growth. Would it grow and thrive to be the tree I was longing to have as part of my plant family?

A thought sprouted as I wondered how the Lord viewed MY growing process. His patience and time lifting what is dragging and admonishing what is unhealthy while attempting to encourage greater godliness was pledged to me when I accepted the gift of eternal life. So, am I producing leafy branches filled with blossoms of integrity? Does His pruning result in what He would love to see in my life? Is He waiting with expectancy for the growth to be evident?  Does He long to see the growth in our lives the way I long to see my plants flourish?

Then the way you live will always honor and please the Lord, and your lives will produce every kind of good fruit. All the while, you will grow and learn to know God better and better. [Colossians 1:10, NLT]

Growing where you’re planted! It’s not just for plants! How is your flora looking these days?

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