Lessons from the Grand

While in the garage watching my grandson play his innovatively made-up game, and me and parker poohhidden behind my shades, I chuckle under my breath until tears roll. He’s totally oblivious to the delightful entertainment that he provides. Others might think it cruel that I am laughing at his struggles while playing these games, but just think of all the energy he is expelling! Four little balls, the size of oranges, roll out of their encasement and he runs after them gathering them up to send them back down the long neck of the toy. But while collecting the balls, occasionally, as he bends down to snatch a ball up, the wind takes it away just far enough that even with an outstretched arm he is unable to scoop it up. Then, back up he stands chasing after it again, and at times, he accidently kicks the ball sending it still farther down the drive. Okay, maybe I am a bit cruel! Poor little guy!!

What have you kicked at, lately?

He’s totally fascinated with numbers. So, setting a timer for his playtime truly feels counterproductive. Instead of playing, he gets wrapped up in watching the timer count down. I warn him when the time runs out his playtime will be over, and he will miss out.

What consumes your time causing you to miss out on living the life God intended?








One thought on “Lessons from the Grand

  1. I know the feeling of kicking it further down the path – so frustrating. But your grandson handles it better and reminds me to keep the proper perspective.

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