Cry Out! Challenge, Day 17

But the Lord was displeased with what David had done.” 2 Samuel 11:27

Many times, we approach God in denial of personal sins for which we have yet to acknowledge our responsibility. We don’t give a second thought how we have sinned against God. Our sins are many, and yet we tend to disregard any guilt on our part. We overlook the need for acknowledgement, and confession.

God sent the Prophet Nathan to King David to relay a story of how a rich man took advantage of a poor man. When David heard what had happened, he became furious at such an insidious thing that was done to this poor man. At that point, Nathan lowered the boom: The rich man is YOU, King David (2 Samuel 11 & 12)!

We all tend to think our sins aren’t so bad, surely not as bad as others. Yet our hearts are guilty, and our hands are bloody! We’ve looked the other way or thought we were innocent. But we all need to “Cry Out” to God for our individual sins. And then, we need to “Cry Out” as a nation UNDER GOD for the sins we have allowed, and most importantly, sins allowed against the most vulnerable and innocent!  

King David wrote the fifty-first Psalm after Nathan confronted him. The following is a summation of what poured out as David’s heart was conquered.

Have mercy on me, O God, for Your love never gives up or gives in, and Your compassionate empathy is so great. Lord, blot out not only my sin, but even the stain that remains. Father, wash me so fully that my guilt cannot hold me prisoner. Thank you for the purification process that refines me. I know the magnitude of my sin will keep me up at night if I continue in rebellion. My sin has been against You and has been a shameful evil for You to behold. Lord, whatever verdict You bestow, Your judgment is just. I was a sinner before I had opportunity to sin, even in my mother’s womb. Your desire is for me to live in truth and honesty while digesting Your wisdom. Purify my life, make it clean . . . thank you for a bath that cleanses me from all iniquity. And Father, because You have broken me, I can again rejoice; Thank You for returning a gladness to my soul and a joy made new. Lord, there is nothing You cannot see, but please, look away from my sins and blot them out as if they had never been. Father God, my heart yearns to be clean and to be Your loyal companion! Restore my joy and I will teach others: My tongue will sing joyfully, and my lips will praise You!

Our cry: Oh Lord, You desire a people with broken and repentant hearts, a people who mourn their sins! We “Cry Out” for America! Look with favor on us and rebuild our land, This Nation Under God, so we can teach others and praise Your Name! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

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