Cry Out! Challenge, Day 18

A little child doesn’t know what’s best for them. We, as adults, know one of the very best things is for them to rest, and usually that means taking a nap! This isn’t only good for their sakes, but for the adults as well! A time of rest can make the difference from all day whining to a more cheerful atmosphere (I was referring to the child, but I see it can be applied to adult and the child 😉).

Our Heavenly Father knows that even adults need rest! We need time to clear our minds from all the craziness of this sinful world blaring its headlines continuously at us!

The Bible tells us to “REST” (Psalm 37:7, NASB)! We need rest! The Bible also tells us “where” to rest. “Rest in the Lord.” We need to take rest in the Lord. But as we rest, we are to be waiting: “Rest in the Lord and “WAIT.” We are also told “how” to wait. “Wait, patiently.” Have you ever seen patient waiting? One of my hubby’s greatest, godly attributes is his patience. For 39 years I have witnessed this in action time and time again. But what does the Bible tell us to wait for? We are waiting “FOR HIM.” We are waiting and resting in Jehovah to work!

But also, as we wait and as we rest, we are also trusting (Psalm 37:3). And as we “trust in Jehovah,” we are told to “do good.” We might be tempted to act like others around us, who are going their own way and doing their own thing and yet, seem to be thriving. But in the end, they WILL suffer. The Bible is clear that you will reap what you sow. And that’s why King David added the words “do good.” Trust in the Lord and do good! Doing good will keep us safer than behaving badly. Likewise, cultivate faithfulness – Live, dwell in the land wherever you are planted, in your area of the world, cultivate faithfulness. And all around us people should know two things: who we are and Who we belong to!

Take REST in Jehovah, today! Wait patiently for Him to work and trust His blueprint while doing good!

Cry Out! for REST!

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