C2C, Part 12: Abraham & Isaac

In the time of the Tower of Babel, people demonstrated their proneness to wander because pride and rebellion ruled the throne of their hearts. Satan’s plan of deception in the Garden of Eden was successful and will continue to be until the Trumpet sounds (1 Thess. 4). That is why even today many still worship CREATED THINGS over the Creator.

“The Bible gives us insight into history; but more than that, it shows us what God is like and how God deals with man. You may [have noticed] some patterns in these ancient stories that sound a lot like the pattern of life today—men and women are still rebelling against God. But God [has not] changed . . . He cares about every individual. He knows exactly what is happening in each life. He still judges sin. And He is still calling people to believe Him.”

Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ

After the world was populated once more, and men and women chose to continue following Satan, God elected “a people” to bless the world through by sending His Deliverer. He picked a man from the idolatrous city of Ur of the Chaldeans (known as modern day Iraq) with whom to make an unconditional Covenant! Just like Noah, Abram believed the Word of the Lord and left everything to go to a land he did not know (Genesis 12).

God promised to give Abram and Sarah a son and multiply his descendants and to give him a land as his own possession (Genesis 15). Many years passed and Abram and Sarah thought God needed their help but that was certainly a fleshly response and poor judgement on their part (Genesis 16). When Abram was 99 years old, God Almighty appeared to him once again pronouncing the promise He made many years earlier and changed Abram’s name to Abraham, meaning the father of many nations (Genesis 17). Poor Abraham! Do you think others laughed at a fatherless man calling himself a “Father of Many Nations”? But Abraham believed the Word of the Lord and when Abraham was 100 years old, a son was born. At God’s appointed time, Abraham and Sarah had the promised child, Isaac (Genesis 21).

God kept His promise. And His promise to send The Deliverer through the line of His chosen people would also come to fulfillment!

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