A Laboring Labor Day!

Today: September 2, 2021: This is an updated post from a previous “no dairy, no sugar” fast!

The Scarlett Road

Labor Day morning, September 2, 1985, I began having contractions. It was about a week early so I wasn’t sure anything would come of them. Since my husband worked at the hospital (washing dishes) I knew he would be there if I needed him. But there was the matter of a two-year old who would need someone to watch over him if I left for the hospital and, how exactly was I planning to get to the hospital without a car?!

This baby girl grew up, married her prince charming, adopted a little boy, and fosters two others, while running her own business. She has repeatedly faced some major challenges in her life but not giving in to self-pity or denial, instead learning from the experiences.

But on that day, September 2, 1985, I labored through after making it to the hospital. Grateful for our very thoughtful pastor’s wife, who…

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