As I read, write, and post, as I go about my day-to-day chores and responsibilities, my eyes are relied upon heavily! But now with an additional intrusion of a stenciled floater across my left eye, I’m once again driven to see an ophthalmologist, this time in North Carolina 👍🏼

Honestly, it’s nerve racking to always have that in my vision. My hubby graciously took off work today (part of the day) to drive me in to get it checked out, again.

I love Psalm 139 and how it talks about each of us “wonderfully and fearfully made.” We are each created uniquely for the glory of God. He has a purpose and plan for everything He allows to touch our lives. We are to grow up in Him so that when alarming things do touch our lives, we have the calm assurance He is behind the scenes actively involved! Oh! How He loves you and me!

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