Immanuel; It’s no accident: The Lord is with us!

Do you ever look back to remind yourself all that God has accomplished in your life? Christmas 2019-Rodney’s accident, Christmas 2020-Rodney had Covid, Christmas 2021 putting Rodney in a bubble suit!!!

The Scarlett Road

Eight days ago, an accident changed our plans! We planned to spend Christmas in Louisiana with my side of the family. We were due to leave 2 days after the accident occurred. Many things this year did not transpire as we had planned or even had hoped. Two of our children had surgery, unexpectedly. Our granddaughter, who was due to be born in the month of October, came in the early part of August. Our Thanksgiving Colorado trip for Rodney to meet our newest grand had to be postponed. Our oldest daughter and son-in-law became foster parents to a sibling group of 2 children with alarming trauma. Then, a little boy who was now eligible for adoption, arrived a month after the foster siblings. The adoption process was a very slow and painful procedure. My daughter and son-in-law now had two 1-year old’s and a 2-year old which was never…

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