his evening, I went out my backdoor and glanced around the corner of the house inspecting the sunset. I wanted to take it all in. Just a few hours earlier, our family was given some amazing news. And that impressive sunset held me spellbound reinforcing the presence of a relational God.

There are so many opportunities throughout the day to connect with Him, yet often, we are so busy with our own agenda we miss those fleeting moments that would build our faith and increase our trust in His plan.

So today, I stopped. I stopped to take it all in. And what I experienced brought a heart of gratitude for the Heavens telling their story (Psalm 19:1) with much rejoicing over a judge who ruled in favor of our foster-grands’ adoption status! I am thankful that your prayers and mine have been our heavenly Father’s delight to answer, for progress He made in the courts moving for the good of these children.

I am immensely thankful for the Christmas story! How the book of Luke tells the story of God putting on human flesh and stepping down from His Kingly home in heaven to rescue a people who could not rescue themselves or reach heaven on their own. We were without hope but for a Savior. No better Christmas gift will ever be given, and yet, He continues to give!

Thanks for your prayers on behalf of our foster-grands. Please continue to pray with us!

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