FODMAP Diet Plan (Day 14)

Yesterday, a friend offered me a yummy looking chocolate chip cookie. Declining the treat, I preceded to share that unfortunately, I was observing a “no dairy, no sugar” fast for the month of March and leading up to Easter (April 17, 2022). So naturally, she asked the reason behind it all.

I shared my love for sugar or better yet, my addiction to those yummy crystals. I also communicated my desire for God to have first place in my heart and life, as opposed to sweets.

I would love to say it was all my idea! But to be honest, I did not lay down my desire for sweets on my own accord. After suffering from stomach pain, sensitivity, and bloating that seemed to be out of control, I knew I needed help. I first turned to my medical doctor who gave me a prescription to take. Not having good results with that, I then saw my chiropractor who started explaining to me what was going on deep down inside; I’ll spare you all the gory details. 😉 Making the decision to see a gastroenterologist for a second opinion was huge. I marveled as she told me the same information as the chiropractor but giving me something more tangible. She handed over a pamphlet of a “fodmap” diet plan! It was a map of foods suitable for me to eat on a low-fodmap diet, as well as the foods I needed to eliminate. She suggested staying on this treatment for 2 months and then gradually working the foods back into my diet to get a handle on the ones that were causing the issues. This is called the elimination phase to give gut bacteria a chance to correct any imbalances, and time for a gut to heal. As I have used this diet plan for several years now, I understand my gut cannot handle an overabundance of sugar, probably because of the many years of abuse.

While I would like to say, my love for the Lord drove me to take these foods (that I have a deep, deep love for) out of my diet, obviously, it would not be true. Initially, my thoughts were not praiseworthy in the least that sugar needed to be eliminated from my diet. Now that I see ALL the benefits from this experience, my love for the Lord has grown! He wants my heart to reflect all of Him. And the amazing things that He brings to my life are long lasting and will not burn up. What a treasure!

Larry Crabb said,

“I have come to believe that suffering is necessary to awaken our desire for God and to develop confidence in His desire for us.”

Please understand, “sugar” is just one of the battles I face; this applies for all battles that we suffer through!

The confidence that my Heavenly Father is developing in me for His desire to be accomplished in my life causes a yearning for more of Him.

The Lord had to take something from me – so I would look to Him to gain something lasting and so much sweeter!

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