Crooked and Perverse (Day 24)

Every day we hear something or see something that reminds us we are right on track with what the Bible has been saying all along. In the Apostle Paul’s day, he instructed for every believer to live blamelessly amidst a crooked and perverse generation of men and women. Their faithful service in such difficult times was an offering to God that would bring joy to them, as well as others!

But how can we have joy when the news is inundated with crooked and perverse? The New International version of the Bible translates Philippians 2:15 as “a warped and crooked generation.” Twisted is another adjective for illustrating what the world has been and is, as we see it played out before our very eyes. While exploring the list of reflective adjectives, I also found the word “misrepresented.” So much of what God teaches in His Word is misrepresented!

Thus, it is our job to be His representatives and get it right! However, Paul wants our representing to be perfectly clear. The world needs to see whose we belong to as we follow his instructions to the letter. “Work hard to show the results of your salvation, obeying God with deep reverence and fear.” God desires for us, his children, to shine as bright lights. And we shine brightest when we represent innocent lives while doing everything without complaining and arguing. “We are in this struggle together” (Philippians 1:30, NLT) and are called to have the same attitude as Jesus, one of humility (1:5-8). Paul was willing to lose his life in faithful service to God. And as the world gets increasingly dark, the brighter we should SHINE, like Paul!

Shine Brightly for Christ and the reward will be that of JOY to share with others! Philippians 2:12-18

God’s Purpose for My Life

Is that I have a Passion for God’s Glory

And that I have a Passion for My Joy In that Glory

And that these two are One Passion.

-Jonathan Edwards

Each of us has the joy and the sacred responsibility of displaying the beauty, the glory,

Of a foreign land here in this broken world.

-Tim Challies, The Legend of the Battle-Weary Crusader

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