“Lord, open our eyes that we may see” (Day 36)

The news hit me like a ton of bricks! How could anything good come from it? But just as soon as my thoughts started to go down the wrong road of “what if’s,” I immediately turned to the Lord asking for spiritual wisdom, and to give me eyes to see just as Elisha prayed for his servant (Ephesians 1:17-19; 2 Kings 6:17).

“Lord, open our eyes that we may see”

God’s heavenly provisions are at our disposal! Yet, it is our responsibility to turn from fear and worry and claim His promises. When we trust Him, our eyes are opened to all kinds of possibilities, and we experience a “chariot” for our souls.

Everything that comes to us becomes a chariot the moment we treat it as such; and, on the other hand, even the smallest trial may be a juggernaut car to crush us into misery or despair if we consider it. It lies with each of us to choose which they shall be. It all depends, not upon what these events are, but upon how we take them. If we lie down under them, and let them roll over us and crush us, they become juggernaut cars, but if we climb up into them, as into a car of victory, and make them carry us triumphantly onward and upward, they become the chariots of God.

-Streams in the Desert 1

“Lord, open our eyes that we may see”

The Lord cannot do much with a crushed soul, hence the adversary’s attempt to push the Lord’s people into despair and hopelessness over the condition of themselves, or of the church. It has often been said that a dispirited army goes forth to battle with the certainty of being beaten.


How we view what God has allowed to touch our lives makes all the difference in triumphant victory or ensuing defeat! We cannot lose our salvation, but we certainly can live defeated, and stumble along not seeing how God wants to transform us from the control of the broken halo of Satan!

Stop believing the lies! The spiritual rulers have been disarmed (Colossians 2:15).

“Lord, open our eyes that we may see”

In the sorest trials God often makes the sweetest discoveries of Himself.


We must be detached from outward things and attached inwardly to the Lord alone in order to see His wonders.


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