Celebratory Fast “Take 2”

Summer classes began today at the college where my husband is on staff and serves as part of the faculty as well. And as I mentioned in my previous post, my Wedding Anniversary is at the end of the month and my husband declared his desire to participate in a “fast” leading up to the big day (41 years). So, to start his day off right, I whipped up a tomato, spinach omelet. However, the absence of coffee or chai was felt in a big way! Still, it gives us something to look forward to when we celebrate our anniversary. 😉  

On that Friday evening so long ago, June 26, 1981, I remember one of the songs sung was “In His Time.” A song I loved! He makes all things beautiful in His time! But as a dreamy, preoccupied 18-year-old, my thoughts were more about my time and the beauty I wanted my life to encompass. However, since that day growth has come through painful seasons, and I have learned much about “real” beauty. Honestly, the glimpses of what can transpire through “the making of beauty from ashes” when we allow Jesus His rightful place in our lives, motivates me to continue. The Bible tells us God gives us grace for everything. He says in His Word – the Bible – His grace is sufficient. It is enough for all that we experience in this life and there is enough grace for everything we experience! So, when the Bible tells me to be humble and gentle, to be patient with my husband, and always make allowances for his faults because of my love for him, there is grace to bolster me on to see beauty from what otherwise could be very ugly.

Please note: It takes a daily prescription of surrender to keep pride from wanting justice to be served. So, find your best platter and serve up humility, gentleness, and patience! Believe me, the beauty that God makes is worth it and His grace supports it!

Ecclesiastes 3:11

2 Corinthians 12:9

Ephesians 4:2

Matthew 16:24

1 Peter 5:5

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