Ending First Day of my September Fast, 2022!

What better way to open the door for greater joy and contentment than asking the Lord to open my eyes to what I am usually too busy to see: His providential hand in my life!

Today, I had a different physical therapist who implemented a strategy that worked muscles I had not worked in a long time. Afterwards, he massaged my knee like I was paying a masseuse (after seeing how much I paid I knew it was included 😉). While he explained how each part works together from the hips to the knees and the importance of building the muscle tissue, tears welled up in my eyes as God’s unique and creative way in forming our bodies was spotlighted. I grow a bit astounded any time I see a picture of God’s providential care and it causes me to acknowledge the greatness of God. I am sure my PT instructor wondered for a moment about my sanity but continued to the next exercise without missing a beat. Our Creator has uniquely designed our bodies and so often they have the capacity to heal themselves or with the help from physical therapy workouts. 😊

My next adventure for the day was trying out a new restaurant: Lovegrass Kitchen. I love finding food that not only tastes yummy but is healthy.

Let me tell you a story. Driving home from church we pass another church building. Since we are in the south it is not surprising to view numerous churches. But what turned out to be a wonderful surprise was: A brand new AWANA program beginning this fall and being held at this church on a Sunday afternoon (3:30-5:00 p.m.). AND what is more, on staff at this church is a young man who was a past student at the Bible college where my husband teaches, AND this young man, whom my husband knows very well is the Game Leader for AWANA. AND what is more is that his wife is the AWANA Commander! So, we have someone leading this program whom we know, it is being held at a wonderful hour of the day for little kids, like our grandson, and is nearby! The providential hand of God at work! BUT WAIT! Here is the rest of the story. Dropping in for the “meet and greet” and to sign our grandson up for the program, we met the pastor’s wife. As I spoke with her about some children I recognized, I realized why they looked familiar. They attend MY home church. As I conversed with her further, she told me they were her next-door neighbors, AND they had just opened a brand-new restaurant called Lovegrass Kitchen. After physical therapy, I awarded myself and made the happy discovery their menu honors my month-long dairy and sugar fast AND is yummy. 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️

Can I just say, God has flung the door wide open today?! As I continue in my study of Pathways: Lessons from Esther from Providence to Purpose by Tony Evans, I am reminded that God has a good Plan! A Plan designed by Him to bring Him glory and honor! And it certainly is true that we will never see His hand in anything if we are not looking. There is no doubt, Joy and Contentment have been my traveling companions today! I pray you find them as well!

Lovegrass Kitchen

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