September Fast & Battle-Weary Pilgrims

This Labor Day Weekend has been a blessed time of catching up with “old” friends as well as family. The middle of August, COVID prevented us from attending our grands adoption celebration, so we were excited to meet up with our older daughter’s family and celebrate some birthdays in addition.  For some time now we have missed visiting with a pair of our “senior” friends, but finally found the time to drop by Ann & Glen’s home. There were several years we had the privilege of celebrating Rodney (my dear hubby), and Ann for their August birthdays. However, the last few years we have completely missed out. Glen, who is now fully bedridden, still flashes a smile when roused. Ann, who has been his caregiver for many, many years, and faces her own health struggles along with a cancer diagnosis is always full of hospitality. When I called about the possibility of dropping in, she was happy to inform me there was still some birthday cake in the refrigerator!

Dear Reader, I may have failed you in not sharing this disclaimer six years ago! But we are always growing and learning, RIGHT?! While I usually politely turn down any sugar I am offered during a month of fasting, there are certain times, I feel, we can be an encouragement to another. It is at these special times where I yield to sugar intake, because a friend has endured suffering and her joy of hospitality is something you never want to take away. It is without a doubt the time to welcome whatever she wants to serve!

Another couple we are thankful to have as good friends are some dear neighbors. They are not spring chickens and have their own health struggles, yet they are the best neighbors. From time to time, I receive a text checking to see how we are doing; they also keep an eye on our house when we are out of town and many times pull our trash container back to the garage. Natives of this area, they are full of helpful information, and even have brought a COVID testing kit by when I was sick. Some of our most difficult circumstances, they have been there providing a ride to the hospital in the next big city over, but most importantly, they have prayed for us.

In God’s providential design He places people in our lives who will care for us.  At the same time, we need to be proactive in caring for them and not losing touch, not allowing the chaos of life or just being too busy to steal what God wants to accomplish in and through us as we rub shoulders with wise battle-weary pilgrims.

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.

Proverbs 27:17, NLT

Day 5

Ann’s birthday cake Rodney & Ann


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