A Boundary Setter (September Fast)

When encountering temptation or any difficult course, God’s Word equips me to wage war and bring down strongholds. Fasting has brought temptations and difficult courses not only to my door but as constant companions. So, a good plan for any day will always include setting boundaries.

Start today envisioning your new role as a Boundary Setter. (Ephesians 6:10-18; 2 Corinthians 10:3-5)

In this current month-long fast, opening the door to experience a higher level of joy and contentment, is at the forefront of what I hope to gain.  But joy and contentment are elusive traveling companions if we are not purposely preparing for the day by setting boundaries. These are not necessarily new boundaries but reminders of what we may have read or been taught many times in the past. Yet, God knows our forgetfulness and the importance of flooding our minds with the best boundary setting book, The Bible, each new day. Reading afresh and early, prepares our hearts and minds to practice good boundary-setting throughout the day. Following God’s loving parameters is the way to experience joy-filled days that satisfy and reflect our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Countless opinions offer when the best time of the day is to meditate on God’s Word. And it is this very point of boundaries, I believe, directs us to the BEST time. Before your day has even taken off, before you have opportunity to go outside a boundary line, we need those parameters freshly reviewed and planted in our minds and hearts.

When I open my eyes each morning this month, I must immediately remind myself that I am on a dairy, sugar fast. You see, my mind mechanically runs to how it is programed: thinking what yummy, sweet espresso milk drink I can make myself! Also, with the boundary set for “no Facebook” I wondered how difficult it would be for a month. However, so far, the hardest part has been missing the memories that are highlighted there, but otherwise, I am enjoying the space it has opened.

Remember the best habit to form is opening God’s Word before social media or any other interaction. Consider your boundaries for the day; keeping them is advantageous to experience joy and contentment like never before. Become a Boundary Setter!


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