September Fast Finale

Throughout Scripture God allows challenges, setbacks, and negative scenarios because it’s against the backdrop of impossibilities that His beauty shines through.

–Tony Evans, Pathways-Lessons from Esther, From Providence to Purpose

And so, it is for us, in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, God is waiting to display His glory! We are His sheep (John 10) moving along the pathway providentially mapped out for us (Proverbs 16:9). At times tragic hurdles will impede our path, but what God allows is always for our progress designed for His purpose. Our responsibility is to allow Him the freedom to work while we faithfully abide, bearing fruit so the whole world can see, we are His disciples (John 15).

In the past, I have asked prayer for my brother and his daughter and granddaughter. Let me give you an update to the fruit that has been borne through God’s working during the month of September 2022. If you are not familiar with their story, part of it is here.  

Lauryn, my niece, my brother’s daughter, trusted in Jesus as her Savior (Acts 16:31; Romans 6:23). She is now born again (John 3), placed into the family of God. Her mother and brother are rejoicing in heaven. And here on earth, God has placed some wonderful ladies to help support her in this new walk of faith. I am very thankful for them!

Jeremy, my brother, Lauryn’s dad, attended a FaithWalk. Through the love and servitude of these men, he was humbled and a new commitment to serving the Lord was borne through the experience. After so much trauma with the loss of a wife and a son in the last 20 months, hearing a joyful declaration rush through my mobile phone was one I will not forget anytime soon.  I am so thankful for the group of men who come alongside to encourage and love him!  

Can you believe this is the last day of my fast? By far, this fast has been my most deepening experience. I have loved every part of it from the no dairy, no sugar, to the no Facebook challenge. But most of all I have loved the extra study of God’s Word, with Esther being the central point, yet all of God’s Word complementing the whole of Scripture from the Old to the New. I never tire of seeing what He wants to teach me. God has worked not only for me but for others throughout this time, I am eternally grateful! Would you Praise His Name with me today?! And please, if you know The Father, continue to pray for my brother and his daughter and granddaughter!

Me and my niece, sister-in-law, nephew, and brother
My brother with his wife, son, daughter and granddaughter

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